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Liz Hernandez

Sr. Loan Officer

(980) 223-6454
(980) 223-6454
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About Liz Hernandez

As a mortgage professional now for 15 years, I see mortgage lending as a way to help people. For most of us it is the biggest debt/asset in our financial portfolio, and decisions on our mortgage can impact and benefit every part of our financial plans, from monthly budget and lifestyle, to if and when we can retire. Having the right mortgage can help us buy a home, or stay in our home with a secure fixed payment. It can help pay off debt, send a child to college, or ensure that we can retire comfortably. I truly enjoy the process of helping people to look at their options. Sometimes the best mortgage for you is the one you already have, and if so, I can help show you why. If it’s not, and if there is a better mortgage for you, I can help you to explore your options, and see what kind of mortgage makes the most sense for you, your current situation, and your plans.

Michigan Mutual Mortgage is a direct lender. We process and underwrite all of our loans in house with an average close time of 3 weeks. We are a direct lender for Conventional, FHA and VA loans, and we also offer Portfolio loans, if your scenario is Jumbo, or “outside the box” of more traditional lending. As a direct lender, Michigan Mutual does not have many of the lending overlays that depository banks and most lenders and brokers have. This means that even if other banks have said you cannot do a Government of Conventional loan, Michigan Mutual may still be able to approve your loan under one of those programs. Many of the happy reviews from clients below are from homeowners who were told somewhere else that they did not have a good loan option. My goal is that you have all of your questions answered and you feel taken care of through the mortgage process. I work hard to ensure that after we finish your loan together, you are happy to refer me to your friends and family. I look forward to working with you!